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Posted on 09/08/2017 10:37:19

Scholarships in UK

Do you want to pursue your education in United Kingdom? Is it one of your dreams to reach UK and follow your path of success? Does it seem impossible to carry out the huge finances and expenditure incurred by the British Government? Well, your every question and worry will be resolved with the best offerings of the UK and British Government. Yes, we are talking about the scholarships offered by the nation.

Certainly, it is a tedious task for any student to leverage such a great financial constraint on himself or herself for acquiring education. Keeping the same view point in the mind, the United Kingdom has offered students the best of scholarships to pursue their education in whatever field they wish to and study as much as they want to. Undoubtedly, it is a blessing for the students who have planned and are still in the row to apply for the nation of their dreams. The top renowned scholarships provided by the UK and the British Government are listed below for you in detail. Make sure to go through them deeply and chalk out the one for yourself which fits your system of living and studying:

Scholarships offered by the UK Government

Commonwealth Scholarships

Commonwealth Scholarships are especially crafted for the students belonging to developing Commonwealth nations. They are made for the ones who wish to pursue Master’s and PhD courses in the United Kingdom. These scholarships are under the consideration of International Development (DFID) that is a fund rising UK Department. Every Scholarship provided to the students covers the airfare to the UK and vice-versa. This scholarship includes the tuition and exam fees, personal allowances and grants for different thesis and starting expenses.

Chevening Scholarships

Chevening Scholarships are one of the highly preferred scholarships adopted by the students. It is the UK government’s worldwide scholarship programme. It has been crafted for special students of the eligible nations. They are awarded to outstanding pupil from countries around the world. It is observed that these awards are usually for a one-year Master’s degree programme. Majority of the Chevening Scholarships take care of the tuition fees, living expenses, an economy class return air ticket to UK and extra benefits to cover the additional charges.

Scholarships offered by the UK universities

Gates Cambridge Scholarships

These are awarded to extraordinary students who are applying from any foreign country outside the UK. These are especially for the students who wish to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree. The subject is not limited unless it is available at the University of Cambridge. It undertakes the complete cost of pursuing education at the Gates Cambridge. In addition, it provides a lot of funds too.

Denys Holland Scholarship at University College London

The Denys Holland Scholarship was designed to support the undergraduate students. No wonder that it is in the reach of students from any country. But, the only constraint is that it is for the ones who cannot otherwise afford the fees and expenditure incurred by the university. Moreover, it is suggested by the university that the students have to prove that they are in dire need of this scholarship. They have to be intentionally clear regarding the services provided by the UCL and other student unions. The scholarship is worth of £9,000 per year and can be fully used by the students to cover the fee charges.

Bristol University International Office Scholarships

The University of Bristol offers 5 International Office Scholarships. They are for new international students. It is intended to be for the ones who wish to pursue an undergraduate degree at the Bristol University. The scholarships are worth of £8,500 and hence can be used for tuition fees and all.

University of West London International Ambassador Scholarships

The Scholarship recognizes and provides support for a number of intelligent students. It is given to only those students who wish to pursue a full time undergraduate or postgraduate degree. University of West London respects the scholars who will act as international ambassadors. The University of West London has promised to give up to 50 scholarships every year which is worth up to £5,000 and definitely can cover a lot of expenses of the students which includes many kinds of charges from personal to professional.

University of West England Chancellor’s Scholarships

The University of the West of England, Bristol provides more than £100,000 worth of scholarships. They are for the international students every year. This includes the Chancellor’s Scholarship. It is kept in mind to interact with the recipient who will be required to undertake an internship. Being in work with the International Development Office and rest of the departments, the university takes care of all by maintaining a balance between them. Hence, it is highly preferred amongst the students. The scholarship can easily cover the full tuition fees and few additional charges for one academic year and that is more than enough for any student who is passionate about studying in UK.

Sheffield Hallam University Transform Together Scholarships

Transform Together scholarships is one of the best offerings of the university. Keeping in mind a lot of concerns of the students, it was released. Hence, are fully open and available to international and European Union (non UK) students. This is especially for the ones who are applying to study and that took a full-time postgraduate or undergraduate course work at Sheffield Hallam University. It is also known as the half fee waiver (50%). Yes, certainly it is a best offering by the Sheffield Hallam University. It is available for postgraduate works and courses which are valid for each year of either a postgraduate or of an undergraduate degree.

University of Westminster International Scholarships

University of Westminster rewards scholarships to the eligible students. They accept the students from any developing country. Definitely, they are the ones who wish to study in the UK. The purpose should be to pursue a full-time Masters degree. The field of study should be availed at the University of Westminster. The university is known for its great efforts among the students and for their well being. Well, this has been equally proved the university by revealing such a scholarship which means a lot to the students who are passionate about their studies and career. The scholarship covers a lot of things such as full tuition fees, accommodation charges, living pennies and flights to on and off nation.

University of Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarships

University of Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarships are offered in majority of Sussex Schools only and are provided on the basis of a strong academic performance and record. They are for non-EU international students. This is only for the ones who have applied for and have been offered full-time Postgraduate Taught degrees at the University. The scholarship leads to 50% off for international students in order to cover up their tuition fees for a year.

Rhodes Scholarships at University of Oxford

Rhodes was established in 1902. It is the historic and undoubtedly the most prestigious international scholarship program over the globe. These are the postgraduate awards. The Rhodes Scholarships supports exceptional students from exceptional countries at the University of Oxford. It covers everything a student need or use which includes university fees, personal expenditure, air tickets to and from the nation and moreover a health insurance as well.

Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships

The University of Edinburgh has promised to offer at least 30 scholarships every year. Undoubtedly, they are awarded to excellent students and to extra ordinary people from the globe. Specifically, they are created for the ones who intend to carry or educate themselves with a PhD Research Programme. The only constraint is that the coursework must be a part of the university. Each scholarship offered covers a lot of expenses such as university expenditure and all, but excludes few personal additional charges.

UAL Vice-Chancellor’s Postgraduate International Scholarships

The Vice-Chancellor’s scholarships are designed to equally and fully support 10 students. One of the conditions is that they must be from low income nations and are already in the list of applicants to study full-time master’s degrees. The scholarship is worth of £25,000 and can easily cover a number of expenses within it.

Developing Solutions Scholarships at University of Nottingham

The Developing Solutions Scholarships are designed to be made for international students. The nations covered are Africa and India. It is undoubtedly a service provider to one of the developing countries. They are offered to Commonwealth nations. The students are the ones who want to study a Masters Degree at the University of Nottingham. They should have the caliber to make a difference to the advancement of their nation. Each year the scholarship is released. 105 scholarships are awarded every year to the ones who deserve it and make an effort for it. 30 scholarships which are offered by the university will cover the full tuition fee and 75 are supposed to cover 50% of the rest of tuition fees and moreover a saver of the additional charges it is.

University of Bradford Global Development Scholarships

These are intended to help the students in financial crisis. This is a fact that everyone cannot afford to carry things on their own, hence due to this thought process, these scholarships are offered. Majority of these are offered to crisis and endangered nations. Every scholarship costs around £25,000. It covers tuition fees and living charges too which are majorly around, £4,200 every year. So, it is a great relief provider.

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