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Posted on 10/01/2017 02:34:49

Planning to Study Abroad? Keep these things in your mind.

Are you accepted at a foreign university or a college for a coursework? Well, if yes, then you must be very excited and planning to reach abroad majorly via plane or train. Even though a number of travelling modes are available, but these are the most commonly preferred ones. Does it give butterflies thinking about your new international student journey? We can understand that the time seems very slow` when we wish to acquire something very fast. It does apply to you as well.

Even though your study tenure may varies in time. Either it is for a month or a single semester or a full year or even for a complete degree, it is highly important to plan out accordingly. Your personal and professional concerns are valid and should be taken care off right now by using this time in a smart way. We feel glad to prepare you for staying abroad in the easiest manner as possible so that you don’t have to face any trouble living alone or even with a group of new people. Considering all aspects of studying abroad and that too alone, we have jotted down few guidelines that you must follow pre-hand so that you never feel any kind of unnecessary tension or stress regarding any important essential. The most important points are given below in detail especially for you:

1. Make sure to keep your passport

We are very well aware of the fact that you must have done what is required on your end. But, still to stay on the safe side, make sure to keep your passport with you. In case, you will forget it any point of time, it is not necessary that you will be able to manage the situational tension easily. Another thing which is attached with the passport is its validity. Keep a direct check on all those dates till whom your passport is valid. We don’t want at any cost that you should face any travelling issue.

It is often seen that visa applications in many countries require a lot of time. Majority of the time, a period of six months is always kept for visa filing and application processing. So, always make sure to keep that time gap in advance so that your travelling time and study doesn’t get affected.

In case of any reissue of the passport, make sure at your end to apply it before hand so that no delay is accomplished at the time. It is an obvious fact that processing time differs from nation to nation. Embassy visits, queuing up and hectic form filling will become common in the new nation if you will avoid the passport renewal issue beforehand. So, take care before getting into any trouble.

2. Holding a Student visa

We all are aware of the fact that we have to get a student visa in order to study in a foreign country for our desired time period. Undoubtedly, every nation takes some time to process the file and then allow you to travel to an outdoor nation. It is often seen that if you are going to apply for an undergraduate course at a recognized and renowned university, the school may help you out in the process. But, this is not feasible every time. And in such a scenario, you have to craft your own way by achieving a student visa through appropriate ways.

In order to acquire a visa, the very first step is to interact with the embassy officials of your nation and lead them to a positive result by winning the appointment. Prepare yourself fully before meeting them for presenting a letter of recommendation, a valid documentation file which contains a passport, proofs and at times a return ticket to your country. This will give them a clear glimpse regarding your purpose of visiting that nation.

3. Equipped with finances

No doubt that money is the most important of all. Unless and until you have good finances, it will not be possible to travel. So, be fully sure about your finances and the amount you going to keep with you for a comfortable and stress free travel for as much duration as you are allowed.

Carrying the currency of the country you are going to visit is a plus point; however you cannot always rely on the cash only. In case of any emergency, pre-hand keep an online account or you can say a debit or credit card. Make sure to convert your currency before arriving at the airport so that no extra charges will be inculcated. This is usually done with the help of local banks, international banks, Investment and exchange bureaus, postal department and few other supermarkets too.

It is an obvious fact that once you are aware about the amount of money you are possessing; you will undoubtedly going to spend it smartly. Whether you have taken any kind of student loan, any outsourced income, a part time job income or any other, you will consider at least once before spending it unnecessarily. Before you leave your home, make sure to make a list of all the expenses you are going to incur. It will include everything from accommodation charges to the cost of daily accessories, from local transportation to food charges, from travelling passes to general expenditures. Thus, you should be sure about the amount you are going to spend on a daily and occasional basis.

4. International Scholarships for students

In case, you are highly worried about the finances you have and the amount you have to spend, you must think about the scholarships at least once. Pursuing studies and your comfort living will become much easier if you will avail a right kind of scholarship for yourself. But, before you can have one for you, you must check the eligibility criteria for the related international scholarship.

Your very first step should be an interaction with the university officials in which you are going to take admission or on whose website the list of scholarships are available. On their website itself different student scholarships and grants must be mentioned. Many of these scholarships are either awarded to very minority belonging students or to top merit holders of their own fields. In case, that your school or college doesn’t provide any kind of scholarship or support for your studies, you must look out for some outside funding. Many companies are there which help out students greatly for international studies and courses on the basis if certain conditions.

You will feel glad to know that majority of the students scholarships are fondly funded by universities. The only concern is that you have to work really very hard on your application and the rest of the documents in a comprehensive manner so that your chances of getting a scholarship become very high.

5. Unique Identification

You must be wondering why you actually need a unique identification for a foreign nation. Well, to be very precise every student who is planning to study abroad must keep a check on the unique identification card for getting recognized in another nation with a defined purpose. Yes, we are talking about the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). It is used for uniquely identifying a student from another and well greatly helps in acquiring a number of discounts and offers over the products and services. From food discounts to services offers, public transport discounts to travel insurance, international calling discounts to phone bills, a number of offers can be availed with the help of this card.

6. Getting insured for travelling

It may feel like getting insurance cover for travelling from one state to another. But, the story is altogether different. You are travelling from one nation to another. Yes, from your own country to an unknown one. Travel insurance may sound like an extra burden on you but it is highly essential to get one. Travel insurance will cover a lot of your issues which can trouble you in near future such as the studies, illness, an injury or accident, theft or robbery etc. It will not only ensure a balanced expenditure, however, will help in saving you a great amount. It is often observed that in many countries showing travel insurance is must specifically a health insurance.

7. Medical Checkup

It is no wonder that health is the most essential aspect of our life. Unless and until you have a fit body, you will hardly have a fit mind to work with. So, to make sure in order to check a holistic lifestyle of yours, a complete medical checkup is required. It is highly advisable that before stepping out of your home for abroad, visit your doctor and get yourself completely checked and healed in case of any trouble related to health. Make sure to get all the necessary vaccinations and treatments which are must and any avoidance of them may lead to a trouble in near future.

In case of any ongoing treatment or surgery, ensure to get the reports from your doctor as soon as possible. If any of the procedures is not possible, you have to take care of yourself in the healthiest manner outside your home. Otherwise, anything which will be a foreign element to your body will affect it badly and unfortunately homely prescriptions and personal family doctors will not be available to cure you.

8. Learn new Language

If you have seriously decided to move out of your country for studying abroad, then considering a new language for learning will be a great thing. Yes, certainly it will become an asset with the time. However, this depends on the nation you are going into. If we talk about the countries, which do not speak in their local language on a universal basis, then it will be fine, but if local language is prioritized over other ones, then there is some trouble for you at some end. It is often seen that in European countries and many Asian nations, you will probably find a lot of people speaking English which will definitely make things easy for you. But, few nations strictly adhere by their own choice. So, in such a scenario, you should at least try to learn the basics of the language well. So, that dealing with localities and people becomes easy and comfortable for you as well.

Learning a new language is not that tough nowadays. Yes, with the rising technology and Updations, even smart phones are at your service 24/7. Even on the other end, you can learn a new language in all aspects i.e. Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking at your own level too in a comprehensive manner by fixing a time over the web for e-lessons or with a tutor who can teach you.

9. Explore the outer world

It is often said by the wise people that before you leave the world, make sure to explore the world. This seems very true for the students as well. It is a great opportunity for the ones who wish to study abroad to explore by travelling around the world as much as they can. Hence, take the stride in your way and make your own world by travelling abroad in the most sensible yet smart way. You should make a choice of leaving your comfort zone and be ready to accept new cultures and ethics in your own way.

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