What is Letter of Recommendation (LOR) ?

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Posted on 09/08/2017 12:17:56

Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

What is a Letter of Recommendation (LOR)?

Have you ever referenced someone for a particular organization, job or institution? Well, then you must be familiar with the reference letter, which is often known as the recommendation letter or the letter of recommendation. And in case, if you haven’t, here is a chance of learning about it and recommending the one you want. A recommendation letter or in simple terms a reference is an official document which is used by the writer to analyze the various traits such as qualities, capabilities, strengths, weaknesses and so on of a particular individual or person whom he/she wishes to recommend. You may feel surprised to know about the importance of the reference letters. They are required to refer someone for an employment purpose, a job, an institution or even for a scholarship. Recommendation letters are often requested for someone and hence are addressed to a specific individual called as the requester who can be any new employer and an admission officer etc. It is a fact that recommendation letters can be even made available to the person who is recommended and that too without providing the addressee name.

Are you aware of the fact that reference letters are not only used by individuals but by companies and firms too? They are crafted in order to win new and high contracts specifically in the disciplines and working fields of construction, infrastructure, engineering and so on. They are utilized keeping in mind the public tenders and property. Undoubtedly, reference letters act as a great asset to describe how efficiently a company delivers the promised services.

The key concern attached with the recommendation letters is that few professional institutions can raise an issue of waiving off the rights to see the letter. It usually happens in schools where students are asked whether they will utilize their rights of reading their own recommendation letters or not. Although students are advised to waive off their rights, but in case, if they don’t, it reflects how unsure they are about themselves and obviously it creates a negative impact.

How to draft a Letter of Recommendation (LOR)?

It is no wonder that strong and impactful letters of recommendation can highly support your admission or your abilities in case of top institutions or in general for different organizations. Now the question arises, what makes a letter of recommendation unique and acceptable? Undoubtedly, the very first thought which encounters our vision is about the person who is going to write your reference letter. It is a mandatory ritual that the writer must be fully equipped with your details which ranges from your potential abilities, talents, hobbies, professional skills, personality traits, behavioral aspects and social involvements. In case of an employment letter, your past or current employer will serve you the best. It is even acceptable to hire an upper level writer with only one consideration that he/she knows you well. Even though you may have many companions, but still the letters from peers are not encouraged. Undoubtedly, the clients you have worked with or vice-versa will be the effective choice for recommending you.

Once you have selected your recommenders, you must train your writer in order to generate a smartly and comprehensively described reference letter. To make it easy for you, few definite principles are given below as follows:

  • Detail out your project and list your achievements
  • Facilitate them with a manuscript regarding your application and resume for a workflow
  • We know that writing a recommendation letter does take time and concern. Therefore, the same should be requested at least 6 weeks before you need it to post. Moreover, you should consistently keep an eye over your writer’s approach and progress to make sure deadlines are met.
  • Provide a reasonable time for writing ranging from 6 to 8 weeks
  • Make sure to stay in contact with them. And as a caution, call them up in the 3rd or 4th week to be aware about how letters are succeeding

In case, the recommenders are novice and have little or very less experience in writing the letters, make sure to take few precautions at your end by helping them with few do’s and don’ts such as:


  • Thoroughly read out the applicant’s statement. In addition to that, review the resume as well in order to create synchronization between the pending applications.
  • Make sure to discuss how much familiar he/she is with you
  • Specifically mention few qualities that gives your true glimpse and act as a support by using certain examples


  • Using general aspects and platitudes
  • Including only positives, not negatives

Sample Letter of Recommendation in Education Sector

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Miss Feroza Khan has given me a very strong impression regarding her enthusiasm and passion in English literature studies. I feel highly privileged to write this reference letter for her. Reason being, I have witnessed the transformation she had from an unlikely person to an ardent lover of the English Literature.

Being a highly gifted person in Mathematics, she held a keen interest in Economics when she first entered the university by securing first rank in the college entrance examination. Due to the lack of understanding, she was highly repulsive to the English literature. But, as time passed by, she managed to develop a keen interest to grasp and grab the depth of the subject. Even though she was a first year student, she acquired an in-depth comprehension of the literature and stood as one of my best students who graduated under my supervision in all my teaching years.

As a second year student, she was guided by the faculty members and mentors. On returning from abroad, she made it clear to all that she want to pursue her further studies in United States of America and factually exerted herself a lot to achieve that. She attended a lot of professional meets, forums and moreover was indulged in the post graduate course curriculum too. Apart from academic and reference books, she was proficient in relevant Western literature as well which in return improved her knowledge to a great extent. This was evident from her thesis and easily perceivable from our regular communication.

Ms. Khan was recognized in the college broadcasting station for being a great announcer and journalist. The program she hosted was appreciated by the student audiences to a great extent. I am proud of what she did. Her performance amazed all of us because of her literary quality. I supported her fully when she chose the pedagogy specialization. As per her exceptional features and personal skills, she made a correct choice for the future trend of development in China. I am highly optimistic regarding her goals. I, as her teacher would feel great honor if she will receive better education.

On my part, I genuinely recognize and appreciate such a talented and diligent student. When she presented her desire to study abroad in front of me, I with my full intentions supported and encouraged her for her dreams and goals. Being the college director, I hereby proudly recommend her to you with a pledge that she will enhance the university environment with a refreshing and latest bunch of researches. I believe and hope that you will lend her a helping hand with her application by providing an opportunity.

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